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Exterior Waterproofing Contractor in Mumbai

Exterior Waterproofing contractor

Exterior Waterproofing Contractor in Mumbai are subject to constant exposure to sun and rain which impact their durability. The regular Exterior paints have a role to play on the decorative front but have very limited capability to withstand the rain lashing and handling of cracks on external surfaces.

To solve this problem we have High Performance elastomeric coatings that offer waterproofing as well as superior sheen to your building exteriors. Exterior Waterproofing Contractor in Mumbai provides a complete solution to prevent dampness and seepage through exteriors. This paint is available in any shade of your choice as well, therefore eliminates the need to paint once again. These paints have a life of 3-7 years depending on the condition of the building structure hence much cheaper than traditional methods.

To improve the life of any exterior waterproof paint or coatings, proper crack filling and repair of hollow portions of the building must be carried out before application.

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